. much more better.


Yes …?

I have a problem in my heart, deep in my heart. How can you make the water spill? How can a woman bring the water for three quilometres, it is fine when it is three hundred metres. Can you make the water spill, I’m trying to tell you because I know you can tell the people. By right this land has these things there is no water and the woman has to walk three quilometres but if it was just three hundred metres, I’m from about fifty-two quilometres from here, dlamini, and there is not many boreholes in my line, you just go to the clinic and ask which line does not have water and that is where I live . and my woman my woman is becoming very thin and then everybody is saying that it is because the tuberculosis and because of HIV but it is not, it is because she is carrying the water everyday, and then she is tired and does not have time to cook my dinner, and then I arrive home and she is tired and sick and I love her but like this it is very difficult. Yes I have this little girl she is so smart, she goes to school and I just want her to be able to do all the things that I couldn’t unfortunately do, by right in this country. You know in this country there are shonas and ndebeles and in here in 1983 it was a very political thing, and there were a lot of killings I wouldn’t know it very well myself because I was very young but then that was why I left school and then my maternal grandmother kept me in bulawayo and I was able to go to school. I wanted to study nursing in Christ cross in England London but I did not get the scores you need maths and maths I never left level 1, never was very good. And the while I was living with my maternal grandmother I had to work in a butcher. And one day I had my examinations so I asked the boss to have the days off and the boss said no and then I said I quit the job. But then he was very bad he went to my grandmother and told her that I was very selfish that I didn’t want to work. Then my maternal grandmother become mad and tell me now you have to go back to where you came from , if you don’t want to work you don’t stay here. So after my examinations I took a bus – I passed this place on the way to dlamini, it is about fifty two quilometres from here. There I stayed and then I went to see my grades and I had passed, I had Cs but I had passed. Now I was starting to understand maths more, not the x equals zero and everything but the simple maths I understood. I wanted to go to England but England then this country was once colonized by the English and then the English has also left and all was misplaced and I tried nursing school - I wanted to study nursing in England – but then the only nursing school was in mpilo in town and it was very hard to get, so I tried the police force, and I made it in the police force, but now ma’am can you make the water spilling? Just for my woman, because I love her and I know that other man go to other many more women but you know I am trying to be better and it would be much more better if you could make the water spill ..

Do you need to be saved or are you ok? I’m fine,

. were you talking to that crazy man?

But do you really think he is crazy?

Yes, I mean if you hear him 2 minutes you think he is a very smart person, if you hear him for 20 minutes you know he is crazy.

Okay, but do you think we can try to build a borehole in dlamini…….?

Thursdays night in tsholotsho.

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